Horse breeders & Yakutian horses in the cold. One of toughest jobs in Yakutia, Russia's Siberia. Photo by Maria Vasilieva, Yakutia-Sakha News Agency. Yakutsk, Russia.

Yakutian horse (Wikipedia) is a native breed in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), Russia’s Siberia. They are perfectly adopted to the extreme cold conditions. They don’t spend winter days indoor. They are always outdoor searching food (grasses) under snow themselve. Horse breeders’ responsibility is to protect them from wolves and take care of them. If horses couldn’t find enough grass under icy snow, breeders lead them to the field rich of soft snow and grasses. If some of animals have weight out of standard, they are kept in the…

Today is the third day of snow in Yakutsk, Russia. It seems it won’t melt till the next year’s spring. Winter arrived to our place! Walked around the city and took a few pics. Enjoy!

A week ago, my friends and I visited Valera Varlamov’s Yakut horse breeding farm in the area of Mytaah village in Gorny Ulus (district). 4 hours by car westward from Yakutsk, the administrative center of Yakutia, Siberia/Russia. If travelling with cheery friends, four hours go fast and pretty insensibly. If anyone doesn’t know what to do after museum visits in Yakutsk, to spend one day with woolly stocky Yakut horses and try horse trekking in real Siberian taiga is worth to embark one day travel.

In above pictures: my 3-month puppy, Ogonyok, on the left and Ajar Varlamov‘s 4-month Marishka on the right. Ogonyok is a boy, Marishka is a lady In the morning I texted the sms to Ajar saying that I had received the PetLawn from my Los Angeles friends, who invented and started producing that product. I said, if he would wish to see what it was, he might come to my place. He replied, “Sure. I will come and with my puppy, Marishka.” I, “Cool. I didn’t see her…

Dear Yakutia fans, especially Swedish friends! If by any chance you are or will be in the city of Orsa, Sweden, please, visit Yegor Makarov’s photo exhibition dedicated to people of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and its culture. The event will last till November 22, 2010. Further, please find more information and photographs.

Omg, I am already missing a magic winter in Yakutia. Take a look at my favourite Aikhal-based photographer Ruslan Ahmetsaphin‘s winter photographs taken in the areas of Aikhail, Mirny and other settlements of Western Yakutia. It is the land primarily famous for diamonds, but it is also the land of amazing cold Siberian nature — enigmatic forest (taiga), icy rivers, crispy snow, glowing stars, and fantastic Aurora Borealis.