This is awesome! Yakutsk-based Yakutia Airlines has unveiled its first Sukhoi Superjet 100 in its full colour scheme. Here it is right after the painting work was completed and three years after the air company signed for a pair of the twinjets. Cool, isn’t it?

Great news is I am back to Yakutia! Woo hoo! Really glad to be at home, though I missed such a big event as the celebration of Ysyakh in Yakutsk. Below is the set of photographs taken from the plane approaching to Yakutsk Airport yesterday morning. It was at 6 am.

Another Yakutia Airlines’ Boeing 737-700 NG has arrived at Yakutsk’s airport. The aircraft has performed flight directly from Budapest Franz Liszt International Airport, where it has been undergoing a preliminary maintenance at Aeroplex base, the airline’s press-service reports. “The plane landed in Yakutsk on Monday on a direct flight from the airport of Budapest, where he was on a special basis of preparation is a form of maintenance”, – said the agency interlocutor. According to her, the aircraft will be used for interregional and international flights. “The first…

Yakutsk-based Yakutia Airlines got into the top 15 largest air companies in Russia, according to the civil aviation key performance indicators monitoring conducted by the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency on a result of the 2010 January — September activity. Compared to the same period of the last year, Yakutia Airlines demonstrates a positive growth trend.

YAKUTSK, Oct. 09, 2010 — To celebrate the 85th Yakutia aviation anniversary, Yakutsk Airport arranged the air show that was announced in local newspapers as a real big show for all city residents. The airport was totally open between 10.45 am till 2 pm. Any person was allowed to enter the landing strip and see planes, airport vehicles and air show. The event resembled more a temporary outdoor aviation museum targeting kids and their parents. Local air companies and avia enthusiasts exhibited their planes.

Received a message from an Icelandic friend of mine. He wrote, «Yakutsk was on Icelandic News Channel this evening.» Later, he explained that it was the reportage about an Icelandic mechanic’ work at Yakutsk Airport. A representative of Iceland Air, that leased 5 Boing 737 planes to Yakutia Airlines, said in his interview, «It is -27, people are showing hospitality.»

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This morning, at 7:30 am, at Yakutsk Airport the incident happened to Yakutia Airlines’ AN 24 plane that was about to fly to Olekminsk, South Yakutia. When it was running up on the runway to take off, undercarriage got suddenly closed. The vessel collapsed on its bottom. No victims, praise god. Just light fright. Btw, there was also a problem with the left engine. See more pics.